• The company provides the following formal training sessions at a certified shore facility:
  • ECDIS type specific
  • Ice training for ice class vessels
  • Risk Management
  • Incident investigation
  • Iamsar
  • Cyber security
  • MLC
  • Energy conservation

Company issues, pocket type guidance books relating to safety and PPE. These are a small size guidance books which give essential safety information like;

Company Policies

  • Behavior based safety, situational awareness, Chronic Unease and safety culture
  • Smoking
  • Permit System
  • How to use Personal Protective Equipment properly
  • Safety Awareness and Near Miss, Unsafe Act, Unsafe Situation Reporting
  • Environmental Protection
  • Security
  • Use and maintenance of PPE's

The company provides the following interactive computer-based training (CBT) sessions and/or VOD supported by Videotel and MTR (Maritime Trainer) before officers embark on ships:

Videotel Training Program & MTR Centre

  • Safety officer training
  • Incident and accident investigation
  • Environmental officer
  • Collision avoidance
  • Deck officer training – chart corrections, UKC and voyage planning
  • Chemical Tanker Training Course v 2.0
  • Engine Room Waste Management Training Course

The company conducts comprehensive seminars once a year for all officers and crew with the Company managers and Superintendents. Every officer attend the company seminars, at least once at every two years. This is an opportunity for ships' senior and junior staff to meet with the company's general manager, DPA, department heads and superintendents to discuss many subjects relating to HSEQ, in addition to company policy and procedures. Accident Analysis and Risk Assessment workshops also take place during these seminars.

Every crew member attends DPA training in the company training room.