Occupational health, safety and environmental (OHSE) management is essential in order to achieve the Company's operating objectives. ACECHEM TANKER is committed to prevention of injury and illness and continuous improvement in OHSE performance.

Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy establish a base for setting and reviewing OHSE objectives and targets. OHSE policy is based on the requirements of:

  • The ISM Code
  • ISO14001
  • ISO 18001-OHSAS
  • ISO 9001

Our objectives are:
¬ To achieve zero spills, zero accidents, zero incidents and zero ship detentions
¬ To establish safeguards against all identified risks
¬ To continuously improve safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including emergency preparedness both to safety and environmental protection
¬ To improve safety awareness and personal responsibility of personnel ashore and aboard ships relating health, safety and environmental protection.
This is utmost responsibility and priority of both ashore and on board ship managers/supervisors, to implement this Policy strictly. To achieve this, the commitment and involvement of all Company personnel is required. Therefore, all on boards leaders, Senior officers, office staff who visiting the ships MUST demonstrate their commitments to OHSE procedures and policy by wearing the required Personal Protection Equipments, following the safety rules / requirements strictly and encouraging others to act at the same safety altitude.
The Company will comply with all relevant national and international OHSE legislation, and regulations, and take into account all industry guides and codes of practice.
When considering new business or work methods, full account will be taken of all relevant health, safety and environmental aspects to ensure that the standards required by this Policy are maintained.
All work will be properly supervised with safety and environment protection forming an integral part of all planning and procedures. Necessary information, instruction and training will be given as necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of all employees.
The Company is committed to improving health and safety performance and will respond positively to recommendations, from both shore and sea staff, that identifies changes in policy, practices or equipment necessary to improve standards.
All incidents including the Near Misses, Unsafe Act and Unsafe Conditions will be investigated and recommendations communicated through line management where appropriate.
Management will be ensuring that purchase and supply activities are continuously improved with respect to environmental protection. Our objective is NO HARM TO ENVIROMENT at all activities. Company sets the Environmental Performance Indicators to achieve this aim and continuously improve targets .By this Policy, Both Company ashore and on board employee are committed to save planet's natural sources, keep clean the lands, seas and air for our children.

It is the policy of ACECHEM TANKER to actively manage all Occupational Health Safety & Environmental aspects. To fulfill the objectives ACECHEM TANKER are committed to:
• Taking all practical measures to safeguard the health, safety and working environment of all personnel working in or visiting any facility operated by the Company.
• Set and review environmental objectives and targets
• Providing adequate resources for the achievement of the company objectives and targets
• A high degree of consciousness regarding both the internal and external environment
• Achieving continual improvement in the company's safety record, environmental impact and Pollution prevention
• Introducing technology, systems or equipment to achieve safer operations and a reduced impact on the environment
• Disposing, handling and controlling all waste in an environmentally safe way
• NOT to supply and provide any material/equipment which contain Asbestos or similar hazardous material on board the fleet ships
• Considering all environmental consequences, whenever practicable, when considering the purchase of goods and services
• Providing appropriate training to all personnel whose work may create a significant impact upon health, safety and environmental impacts
• Ensuring compliance with all applicable national and international laws, regulations and other requirements as applicable and identified by the company
• Observing the requirements of the Company's Management System and the IMO's International Safety Management Code
• Making the company's Policy available for public scrutiny upon request
• Communicating this policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the company
• Fully comply with the with applicable legal rules , requirements and costumer requirements.